Correcting Code


Here is the Correcting Code

for our Writing Class

1. sp=spelling mistake=ορθογραφικό λάθος

2. ww=wrong word=λάθος λέξη

3. vt=verb tense= λάθος χρόνος

4. vf=verb form= λάθος τύπος ρήματος

5. wo=word order= λάθος σύνταξη

6. V=missing word= λείπει λέξη

7. ?=Don’t understand= δεν είναι κατανοητό

8. Rephrase= γράψτε το ξανά

9. p=punctuation=σημεία στίξης



1. rite=write

2. I am interesting=I am interested

3. I’m always doing= I always do

4. I like do= I like doing/I like to do

5. I very much love you=I love you very much

6. I  playing now= I am playing now

9. What are you doing. =What are you doing?

Ms Machi